How to integrate Google Play Store Apps with WordPress Posts?

Nowadays, people work with Android smartphones to complete their daily work. Google Play Store is an important element of any Android smartphone. You can download apps for various purposes and install it on your device safely via Google Play Store. If you are a tech blogger, you will often write articles about various apps available on Google Play Store. You should embed the relevant Play Store links below each app to enable users to directly navigate to the relevant app page. This article assumes that you are working with WordPress. In this article, we will examine how to embed Google Play Store app links inside your WordPress post.

Downloading Plugin

You can embed Google Play Store app pages inside your WordPress posts via WP-Appbox plugin. You just need to download and install the plugin either manually or via the WordPress Dashboard. We highly recommend you to install the plugin from the dashboard by searching for the plugin with the phrase “wp appbox” and performing the required installation. The next step is to activate the WP-Appbox plugin by selecting the “Activate” plugin. You can work with the plugin after activation. You can modify the settings by navigating to Settings | WP-Appbox. However, you need not have to change any settings for basic usage.


The main function of the WP-Appbox is to add beautiful mobile app badges to your WordPress posts and pages with the help of a simple shortcode. The WP-Appbox WordPress plugin provides support for Amazon App Shop, Apple App Store, Mac App Store, Chrome Web Store, F-Droid, FireFox Add-ons,, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, Opera Add-ons, Snapcraft, Steam and WordPress-Plugins.

Working with WP-Appbox

To work with the WP-Appbox WordPress plugin, you should make use of the [ appbox ] shortcode. We will examine the steps required to embed Android app via Google Play Store. The first step is to grab the required item from the Google Play Store app link. Let’s search for Facebook app on Google Play Store.

You will view the app search page as shown below

You have to select Facebook app and a new page with detailed information will be displayed. To embed Facebook app on your Facebook post, you need to extract the portion beginning with “COM” from the app URL. We have to use “com.facebook.katana” for our example.

The next step is to create a new post on WordPress and use the following syntax to embed Google Play Store app.

[ appbox googleplay com.facebook.katana ]

You have to remove spaces from both sides. The final output will look like as shown below


With smartphones tipped to take over from PC market, it’s essential to reveal information about various apps via articles. You can insert the relevant app link on the posts but it will be nice to embed the app to attract readers. Moreover, it will add beauty to your WordPress posts.