Top 5 Pulse Oximeter Monitors

With the rapid surge of COVID-19 cases across India, you need to constantly keep track of your Blood Oxygen level so that you can receive timely treatment. It’s not possible to visit hospitals on a daily basis to check Blood Oxygen levels because of adverse rush. You can manage and monitor Blood Oxygen levels with the help of Pulse Oximeter Monitors. In this article, we will examine top 5 pulse oximeter monitors that you can bank upon.

CHOICEMMED Pulse Oximeter

The CHOICEMMED Pulse Oximeter is a blood oxygen saturation monitor with an OLED display. The monitor includes pulse bar, pulse blood oxygen SPO2, and PR measurement. The CHOICEMMED Pulse Oximeter is certified by IEC, FDA, and CE. You will view real-time SpO2, PR, and Pulse bar graph. The dual color oximeter consists of SpO2 waveforms in 4 directions, 6 display modes, and 10 levels of adjustable brightness. The product also includes a low-battery indicator, which helps you to change the battery. The product package includes 2 AAA batteries and neck lanyard. The company provides 12 months warranty. You can grab CHOICEMMED Pulse Oximeter for Rs 2499 instead of the retail price of Rs 4150.

AARBOX Oximeter

The AARBOX Oximeter displays Blood Oxygen levels with Pulse levels. The Oximeter monitor provides multiple views for display orientation with LED display for clear and visible results. The AARBOX Oximeter is available for Rs 1599 with a discount of Rs 600.

SYL Oximeter

The SYL Oximeter is not only a Pulse Oximeter reader but also heart rate monitor. The monitor is manufactured using an advanced microcontroller chip with a premium red+infrared optical sensor. You can fetch the data within 8 seconds. The display direction can be adjusted to suit your requirements with the help of one button. The product helps you to detect lung diseases such as COVID-19. The SYL Oximeter automatically switches off after 8 seconds of inactivity. Moreover, the pulse monitor is capable of working for more than 25 hours and displays waveform and digital readings. The SYL Oximeter can be added to the cart for Rs 1699 with an ultimate savings of Rs 900.

BICHI Pulse Oximeter Monitor

The BICHI Pulse Oximeter monitor is a portable and non-invasive device mainly used to monitor arterial hemoglobin oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. The monitor is CE0123 certified and comes with one year warranty. You can use any one of the three modes as Power off, sleep, and measure. The low battery indicator enables you to change the batteries when required promptly. It also prevents damages to internal components due to battery leak. As part of a special offer, you will be able to buy BICHI Pulse Oximeter Monitor at a steal price of Rs 1899 instead of Rs 3999.

Nick Pulse Oximeter

The Nick Pulse Oximeter measures Blood Oxygen reader with pulse. The product also includes advanced features. You can purchase Nick Pulse Oximeter at Rs 2065 with a discount of Rs 934.

You can check out a wide range of Top 5 Best Pulse Oximeter Monitors and decide which one you should buy. We would suggest you to checkout the features and specifications of each monitor before arriving at a purchase decision. The regular monitoring of Blood Oxygen levels will help in the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic.