DCGI gives emergency approval of DRDO developed 2-DG anti-COVID oral drug


DCGI has given emergency approval to DRDO-developed anti-Covid oral drug named 2-DG. The oral drug has been developed in association with the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences in partnership with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Hyderabad. The Phase III clinical trial results of the 2-DG have shown that this molecule enables quick recovery of hospitalized patients and reduces supplemental oxygen dependence. The 2-DG is a short form of 2-deoxy-D-glucose and is developed as an anti-COVID-19 therapeutic application. It has been reported that patients treated with 2-DG showed higher RT-PCR negative conversion in patients infected with Coronavirus.

The DRDO took the novel iniative of the development of anti-Covid therapeutic application after a clarion call from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The initial trial of the 2-DG was started in April 2020 followed by Phase-II clinical trial of 2-DG in COVID-19 patients in May 2020. The DRDO in partnership with Dr Reddy’s Lab started the licnical trials to verify the safety and efficacy of the drug in COVID-19 patients.

The drug was found to be very effective during the Phase-II trials between May and October 2020. While Phase IIa was conducted in 6 hospitals, Phase IIb was conducted at 11 hospitals all over the country. The patients treated with 2-DG showed faster symptomatic cure than Standard of Care on various endpoints. Based on the positive resultrs, DCGI permitted Phase III of clinical trials in November 2020. The Phase III trial was conducted in 220 patients between December 2020 to March 2020 aross Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The 2-DG drug will set new benchmarks if Dr. Reddy Labs was able to mass-produce and supply to various states. With the surge in the second wave, the 2-DG will prove useful for patients who need Oxygen to recover. You should note that there is an acute shortage of Oxygen all over the country due to surge in the inflow of patients.

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