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Google Photos Unlimited Storage Limit Ends Soon; Everything you need to know

Google Photos is finally ending unlimited storage of high-resolution photos for all users. Starting June 1, the total 15GB storage space will count towards Gmail, Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Drive, and other services. If you had stored photos with more than 12GB storage, you should consider removing them or perform a backup on your portable hard drive.

If you are using Gmail, then the storage will be affected and emails could bounce unless you pay for the paid service. Nowadays, Android smarpthones ships with Google Photos app and captured photos are automatically transferred to Google Photos if you had enabled the option. The current system is designed to storage unlimited photos without restrictions but from June 1 you will have a cap of 15GB for all Google services.

The beauty of Google Photos is that photos are automatically transferred to Google cloud upon capturing via Android device. You will not find any other app that does this job. The uploaded photos are stored at high resolution but you will have to store in low resolution starting June 1.

Not applicable for previously uploaded photos

You should note that photos and videos uploaded before June 1 will not count towards the new rule. If you have plenty of photos, you should try to upload older photos and videos now when the storage is unlimited.

Change the setting

You can also stop photos from being uploaded to Google Photos. You should navigate to Google Photos app and tap on the name on the top right side. You should select Photos settings | Back up & sync option and turn off the option. If you activate Back up & sync option, all your photo and videos will be transferred to Google Photos account.

Google Pixel Benefits

Google Pixel users have great privileges with access to unlimited high-resolution storage after June 1. However, this benefit will be available only for Pixel 2 to Pixel 5 smartphones. Google Pixel 1 will have unlimited original-size storage because of the compression problem. However, Google revealed that the benefit will only be available for existing Pixel devices and not for the upcoming new Pixel devices. The Google Pixel 5a and Pixel 6 will not provide support for unlimited high-resolution photos.

Alternative Storage

You can also search for alternatives to Google Photos. An ideal alternative is Microsoft Onedrive, which offers 5GB of basic storage. However, Microsoft 365 users will receive 1TB of storage space, which is self-sufficient to store plenty of files. If the storage is insufficient for you, then you should consider MEGA, which provides 50GB storage. You can also consider Box, which offers up to 10GB storage with 250MB upload limit.

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