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Norton 360 Antivirus Has Started To Mine Cryptocurrency

Norton has added an ability to mine Cryptocurrency in the Norton 360 Antivirus subscription. The feature has been deactivated by default. The crypto-miner was rolled out in July 2021 to select group of users but the company started a wider rollout recently. The requirements are strict and it includes an NVIDIA graphics card with a 6GB RAM.

According to Norton, the crypto mining software has been developed to enable customers to mine for Ethereum, a popular cryptocurrency ans safely during their PCs idle time. Moreover, they will operate within a pool of Norton Crypto miners, which delivers enhanced efficiencies. It enable all users to share in the rewards. The company is charging 15% fee and an additional fee to transfer your currency to another wallet.

It will be interesting to watch how users react to a situation where a company involved in the development of antivirus is mining Cryptocurrency. The hot topic now is about Cryptocurrency and countries are imposing restrictions. Recently, there were reports of Modi Government in India going to impose regulations on Cryptocurrency trading.

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